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woah o.O random friend only starting.
hey anastasia! it's sh'me ellie! (i hope u remember me♥ ) add me if u want, it would completely rock my green socks!
Alright. =)
Heeey. We're both on the branagh_daily community, and I was wondering if you wanted to friend one another? :-D
Yea, that would be great!
hi fellow gary fan here. would love to be friends with ya. :)
But of course.
Question....... where do you get your SATC moods from? Did you make them yourself?
Came across a post of yours at men_daily and saw you're a fellow Rickman, Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branagh, Gary Oldman etc etc fan. We should be friends.

Add me?

Deleted comment

I would have picked Hank too!!! Hunky scientist? Come on!! :)

And I think because this was the weirdest and best comment I've ever gotten, plus that your icons rock (Jonathan!!!!), I must add you to my friends list! :)
(If you don't mind, since you didn't actually ask....)
heyy anastasia;
I added you a long time ago, and, I forgot to comment. O_O sorrys.

[this is Mary; from, Middletown way back when, diana's sister]

Add? =]
Hi, We're in like all of the Lestat-type communities.

I'd like to add you as a friend.

Ps. Love your layout.
Sure thing!
I'm adding you right now.

Thank you!
yourbitterhero made it for me!
Just wanted to give you heads up that I friended you. Know pressure to add back or anything. Just found your journal through similar theater interests. ;) Love your layout by the way!
And I really really really do know the difference between "no" and "know"! I swear I do! I went to school and everything! ;)


10 years ago

Hey ya!

I just came across your profile because I saw an reply of you at tomfelton_daily ... and I saw that Ballack is in your profile photo. So you're from Germany right?

Btw ... your layout .. the photos .. are there from the Musical "Lestat"? I would love if it would come to good old Germany. I love Anne Rice's books so I would definitely watch it.

I'm not from Germany, I'm a German football fan. (And a Ballack fan)

Yes they are. I wonder if they will do a European tour or something. I could see it doing better over there. I adore it, but the critics didn't. And it seems the critics make the hits.

(I'm adding you!)
Hey. I happened across your journal after I noticed your comment in the julian_daily community and saw the Roger icon. We seem to have some stuff in common, and we even used the same line from "Substitute" as our journal titles. Anyway, I was wondering if you would mind if I add you? Thanks.

P.S. "Substitute" definitely just came on my playlist. What are the odds? Haha.
Lol. I would not mind at all. I'll add you too!

*waves* Had to get a new one.


PS Its Molly
Like you had to tell me it was you.
Hey, it's piratejenn. I got a rename token but stupidly hit the wrong button and deleted all of myself from everyone's lists. Add me again? haha.
Lol, no. :)
I enjoyed your profile and want to add you.....your userpics are awesome too.
Surely. I'm adding you back.
You know, with our love of the Irish and Chelsea FC, we should be friends, if only to stand up to those who go on about Man U, our dear mutual friend.

Lol, surely.
Hey there, fellow Chelsea fan! May I add you?
Sure thing.
I'm adding you right now. :)
Hello I'm Farah. I'm a huge Chelsea + Ballack fan like you. Be my friend? :)
Of course!
Hello, Im Manda.
I always see you in the moviequotes communatie.
Wanna be friends?
I just added you. :)