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[x] Best memory of licking your wrist after constitutional law!
[x] Favorite thing about me.Your dorkiness
[x] What's the best thing you've ever done with me.Coming up with our "loser" names (with Georgia too, of course!)
[x] What's my best quality.Your dorkiness
[x] What's my worst quality.Your girlyness (you make me look too butch)
[x] Describe me in as many adjectives as you want.dorky, sweet, funny, dorky, Harry Pottery (idk), annoying, dorky, awesome
[x] If you could set me up with someone who would it be.Can't say here ;)
[x] Name one band i like.Shakira (I know she's not a "band", but she has one!)
[x] Name one thing i wear.Nintendo shirts
[x] Name one thing i love.ME!!!!
[x] Name one thing you think i should have.happiness
[x] Say one fact about me.You're Colombian
[x] Write your honest opinion of me.You're a dork and I love you!
[x] Post this on your journal


I <3 Yeison.
Yeison is a dork.
If I were alone in a room with Yeison, I would Hit each other.
I think Yeison should Hang out with me more.
Yeison needs umm....
I want to marry Yeison.HAHAHAHA
Someday Yeison will homework!.
Yeison reminds me of ...Yeison....
Without Yeison the world would be less awesome.
Memories of Yeison are Funny and sometimes gross.
Worst thing about Yeison is he trys to buy me shit all the time.
Best thing about Yeison is his dorkiness.
I am bored with Yeison. Not really, I couldn't think of anything!!!
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