Anastasia (candyshowers) wrote,

Its cold out but her popsicle melts..

Mini Anne Rice spoilers ahead.

So, I'm sitting in the living room with Georgia and we're reading. She's reading Memnoch the Devil and I'm reading The Tale of the Body Thief. I just started laughing. I told her that Raglan had just said he had taken a woman's body and he doesn't recommend it. So, Georgia said that if she was a body thief she would do that just to see what it was like to be a man for a day. She said she would take over Drew Sarich's body and then I said that is exactly what I would do. And I would be like, "so...this is what its like! *touches self*" She said I would stand in front of a mirror naked touching myself the entire time. I agreed and I laughed so hard, I snorted.

Good times.
(My explanation pales in comparison to the actual event)
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